AeroChamber Flow-VU with childmask - yellow

AeroChamber Flow-VU with child mask - Yellow - >1yrs
The handy mask for children > 1 year

For your little ones, inhaling can be a tricky task. The yellow AeroChamber makes inhaling easier thanks to its compact size and soft, flexible child mask. The

Article number: AE2
Quantity: 10

Aerochamber & flow VU & child mask

The AeroChamber® Plus® Flow-Vu® has a special inhalation indicator.
The Flow-Vu® inhalation indicator provides users and practitioners with a visual indication that the anterior chamber is being used correctly and therefore the medicine is being dispensed correctly.

The face mask is anatomically shaped and therefore fits well on the face. Specially designed for children. It contains an extra sensitive valve that works with a low inhalation resistance.

The Flow-Vu® inhalation indicator:
- shows that the mouthpiece/mask fits well;
- moves when inhaled, thus confirming inhalation;
- the patient's breathing can be counted.

This holder is intended to be used in conjunction with a dosing inhaler to deliver aerosol medication to the patient's lungs.

1 Remove the caps from the inhaler and the holder. Shake the inhaler immediately before use according to the instructions provided with the inhaler.

2 MASKER: Place the inhaler into the back of the holder. Apply the mask to the face and provide an effective seal.
MASK: Place the inhaler into the back piece of the holder. Place the inhaler in the mouthpiece and close your lips around it to ensure effective sealing.

3 MASKER: Exhale and press the inhaler once at the beginning of a slow inhalation. Hold the mask in place and inhale 5 to 6 times in and out through the holder.

EMERGENCY: Exhale and press the inhaler once at the beginning of a slow inhalation.

Inhale slowly and deeply through the holder until full breath is achieved. Hold your breath in for 5 to 10 seconds before exhaling. OR exhale and press the inhaler once at the beginning of a slow inhale. Breathe in and out for 2 to 3 seconds through the holder and hold lips around the mouthpiece of the chamber.

- Inhalation - DELETE when you hear a whistling sound, this means that you inhale too quickly (for adult models).
- If someone helps you, they can use the Flow-Vu® inhalation indicator to make a good connection by pressing the inhaler with inhalation and counting the number of breaths taken. The Flow-Vu® indicator moves toward you as you inhale and only moves if you have a good seal.
- Administer one (1) puff at a time. Follow the instructions provided with the inhaler on how long to wait before repeating it

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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